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Mariamal was widowed at age 28 when her husband died of cancer. Following his death, her mother took care of Mariamal and her two boys, until she also tragically died in a car accident.

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The aim of Project ECO (Enhancing Community Opportunities) is to empower disadvantaged individuals with sustainable livelihood improvement. However, we recognize that many of their communities require more immediate help to alleviate hunger and malnutrition.

Kathir Dhan meets this need with your support.

Malnutrition in Chennai

In Chennai, women and children from poor households are often anemic, with significant implications on school performance and health during pregnancy. Protein, vitamin, and calorie deficiencies are common,
hindering growth and diminishing the potential to break the cycle of poverty.

How Kathir Dhan can help?

The scale of the ECO Kitchen makes it possible to create a large volume of meals, keeping costs low and making the most of your contribution. All donated meals are designed to deliver sufficient quantity and nutrition.

We know who needs the meal

Through the ECO Kitchen and other YRG Foundation initiatives, we know communities that could most benefit from food donations. Kathir Dhan provides a bridge between people in need and those who wish to help.

What we can provide

In each meal, we can offer one or more of the following:

Sambar Rice, Curd Rice, Sundal, Ven Pongal, Sarkarai Pongal, Idlis


We have the capacity to deliver up to 10,000 meals per donation. You can be assured that meals we prepare adhere to very high standards of hygiene and quality, and that the production will have a minimal impact on the environment.

About the ECO Kitchen

The ECO Kitchen is an ecologically-conscious 18,000-square-foot cooking facility that operates YRG CARE’s Kathir program.. This initiative provides employment opportunities to women who are either victims of domestic violence or stigmatizing diseases. The program provides carts, business and hygiene training, and a microfinance scheme to establish these women as food vendors in local communities. The low-cost, nutritious meals they sell help provide the women with income, as well as promote food security.

Donate today

All donations should be drawn in favor of the YR Gaitonade Medical, Educational, and Research Foundation and will be eligible as a tax deduction under Section 80 (G).

If you have a specific date and time in mind, and wish to honour a loved one, we will schedule the donation as you advise. You can also have your donation pooled with contributions from other donors. We will do our utmost to respect the wishes of the donor and the dignity of the beneficiaries.

As a donor to Kathir Dhan, you will receive a complete report of how your support was used as well as learn in advance the location should you wish to make a visit during food distribution.

We welcome donations of any size. No contribution is too small - every rupee can feed someone somewhere in Chennai. Kathir Dhan exists to make every precious rupee count.