YR Gaitonde Medical, Educational and Research Foundation
World Hunger Day, May 28th. Share a meal with a hungry. Donate generously.

ECO Kitchen has a 30,000 meal production capacity - a scale that lowers costs. It is an 18,000 Sq. Ft. green facility. The kitchen is a naturally lit and ventilated building. It utilizes innovative, eco-conscious technologies including biomass briquettes, solar geysers, a condensation recovery system, expansive drainage and a waste water treatment plant that irrigates the garden. We have carefully crafted our production to minimize its impact of the environment.

Sodexo is proud to be associated with ECO kitchen and their ongoing commitment to improve the communities of Chennai for everyone that lives within them. Click here for more information on Sodexo India On-Site service Solutions http://in.sodexo.com

We are proud to acknowledge our CSR partner.

"Kathir" is an innovative micro-entrepreneurship opportunity for disadvantaged women and their families to realize their socioeconomic potential.

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"Out of the Box" offers customized meal options as well as samplers of heritage meals and snacks made from organic millets.

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